Digital Multi-parameter Water Quality Analyze

Digital Multi-parameter Water Quality Analyze

Time:2020-12-07 14:24:16

Digital Multi-parameter Water Quality Analyzer

Digital Multi-parameter Water Quality Analyzer

The product is a new generation of intelligent multi parameter water quality detector independently developed by our company. It has the characteristics of Chinese menu operation, high stability, excellent repeatability and multi-function, and can accurately measure multiple parameters in the solution. Widely used in: environmental protection, sewage treatment, thermal power, aquaculture, food processing, printing, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, fermentation, chemical, tap water and other solutions of pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity value online detection.

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Product Details

Product Name: Digital Multi-parameter Water Quality Analyzer

Brand Name: Nobo

Model Number: NBDT-1800

Place of Origin: Shanghai, China

Delivery Time: 2~3 Days after placing an order

Product Description

Multi-parameter is widely used in environmental protection, waste water treatment, cultivation, food processing, printing, metallurgy, pharmacy, fermentation, chemical industry and tap water. It is designed for continuous detection of multiple parameters in liquid.

Main Features

Four parameters of PH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, salinity, residual chlorine, ozone, turbidity, suspended solids and sludge concentration will be measured at the same time. Including temperature, there are 5 parameters in all.

Automatic / hand-operated temperature compensation function.

(Optional) Communicating function : using optoelectronic isolation technology with RS - 485 communication interface (MODBUS protocol compatible), and it can be switched by RS-232.

(Optional) Data collection and processing by our companys gathering software.

2-way current output (4-20mA), 2-way temperature detection.

Automatically identifying standard liquid and able to restore factory settings.

Watchdogmake sure the meter wont go dead.

Power down protection10 years.

IP GradeIP65 (waterproof, dust-proof and damp-proof).


Hot Sale Digital Multi-parameter Water Quality Analyzer

Technical Parameters


Range of PH/ORP: -2.00~16.00PH-1999~1999mV (ORP)-10~130.0

Resolution: 0.01PH1mV0.1

Precision: ±0.02 PH,±1mV,±0.3℃  

Stability: 0.01pH/24h  

Temperature compensation function: (0~99.9)

DO (Dissolved Oxygen)

Range of DO: 0 20.00 mg/Lcompensation:  0~60

Resolution: 0.0 1mg/L

Precision: ±0.5%FS


Range of conductivity:  0 20.00 mS/cmcompensation: 0~60

Resolution: 0.0 01 mS/cm

Precision:  ±2%FS

Digital Multi-parameter Water Quality Analyzer
Residual Chlorine

Range of residual chlorine: 0 20.00 mg/Lcompensation: 0~60

Resolution: 0.0 1mg/L

Precision: ±1%FS


Range of ozone: 0 20.00 mg/Lcompensation: 0~60

Resolution: 0.0 1mg/L

Precision: ±1%FS


Range of turbidity:

Flow-through: 1-100-200-100 0-200NTU  

Throw-in: 0-5000-2000 0~4000NTU

Resolution: 0.01%

Precision: ±1.0%FS

Repeatability: ±1.0%

Suspended Solids

Range of suspended solids:  activated sludge: 0 ~2000mg/L  

Resolution: 0.01%

Precision:  ±1.0%FS

Repeatability: ±1.0%


Hot Sale Digital Multi-parameter Water Quality Analyzer

Sludge Concentration

Range of sludge concentration:

Activated sludge:0 ~30g/L  

Silicon dioxide: 0~30 g/L

Resolution: 0.01%

Precision: ±1.0%FS

Repeatability: ±1.0%

Control interfaceFour groups of ON/OFF relay, divided into 2 points of high and low for alert control. Able to match self-cleaning control interface.

Signal isolation: Two groups of 420mA signal protecting output.

Relaythe delayed quantity can be set freely. Relay requires 3A   220VAC.

Operating conditionsenvironmental temperature of 0~60, relative humidity 90%

Input impedance: 1×1012Ω

Output load:<750Ω(4-20mA

Operating voltage: 220VAC±10%50/60Hz.

Size218×183×126 mm

Installation: Wall-mounted


IP GradeIP65 (waterproof, dust-proof and damp-proof)


Booking Guide

1.Choose proper range of measurement according to environment.

2.Choose proper method to install.

3.Able to customize meters in English-language.