On site sewage online monitoring of a hospital in Qinzhou, Guangxi

2022-08-12 13:50



Project information: hospital sewage treatment water quality detection

Installation site: Qinzhou, Guangxi

Instrument and equipment: multi parameter water quality detector

Detection parameters: residual chlorine, pH, suspended solids

Installation mode: cabinet installation

Pre sales service: technical online support




Requirements for hospital sewage discharge

Because the epidemic situation has strengthened the treatment and supervision of hospital sewage, and raised the disinfection requirements to the requirements of "infectious disease tuberculosis hospital" residual chlorine 6.5-10mg/L, how to prevent and control pollution and effectively detect is an urgent problem placed in the ecological environment and health departments.

                                  Composition of free chlorine and total chlorine


Free chlorine

Active free chlorine
Simple chlorine, hypochlorite
Potential free chlorine
Total chlorine (total residual chlorine)
Simple chlorine, hypochlorite, hypochlorite, chloramine

① The concentration of suspended solids in ultraviolet disinfection sewage shall be less than 10mg/L radiation dose 30-40mJ/cm2, and the exposure time shall be greater than 10s or determined by the test.



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