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Tap water/sewage treatment/swimming pool water quality turbidity detection turbidity sensor

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Product introduction

The water containing mud, silt, fine organic matter and other microorganisms and colloids can make the water appear turbid. This product is used to detect the turbidity of water body by using the degree of obstruction of suspended solids in water to light transmission. The infrared light wave sent by the transmitter on the sensor is received by the detector at a certain angle after being absorbed, reflected and scattered by the measured object in the transmission process. The calculation unit inside the sensor uses a specific algorithm to calculate the turbidity of the measured solution through the light intensity received by the detector.

It is widely used in chemical industry, electroplating, papermaking, environmental water treatment engineering, pharmacy, food, tap water and other solutions for turbidity monitoring. Especially suitable for field and field use.

main features

◇ This product is a immersed turbidity digital sensor, which can directly output RS485 signal and 4~20mA signal;

◇ The shell is made of 304 stainless steel+ABS, with certain corrosion resistance

◇ Stable invisible near monochromatic infrared light source is used to avoid the interference of chromaticity in liquid and external visible light on sensor measurement; The built-in photometric compensation improves the measurement accuracy.

◇ With automatic wiper cleaning function, the maintenance cost can be reduced, and the cleaning interval can be set to 1-30000 minutes.

◇ Adopt the latest detection technology to avoid the interference of external light and have strong anti-interference ability.

◇ The quartz glass lens with high transmittance is used in the optical path, so the transmission and reception of infrared light wave are more stable.

◇ Wide range, stable measurement, high precision, good reproducibility, and not affected by sample flow rate and pressure.

◇ Communication function: two photoelectric isolation signal outputs, namely RS-485 communication interface (MODBUS-RTU protocol is partially compatible), with the fastest communication interval of 200ms; And 4 ~ 20 mA current output, 4-20mA can be output in reverse phase; Without instrument, it can be directly connected to computer, PLC and other equipment with RS485/4-20mA signal interface for data acquisition. It is convenient for users to integrate sensors into industrial control environments such as host computer system and IoT system.

◇ The sensor can be set through RS485 communication, such as slave address and baud rate, online calibration, factory restoration, 4-20mA output corresponding range, range modification, proportional coefficient and incremental compensation.

◇ Five point correction method is adopted.

◇ Watchdog function: ensure that the instrument will not crash.

◇ The core devices are all from foreign famous brands.

◇ Power failure protection > 10 years.

Technical indicators

1. Measuring range: 0~4000NTU, the measuring range can be customized.

2. Precision: ± 2.0% FS

3. Repeatability: ± 1.0%

4. Signal output: 4~20mA signal output, RS485 communication (partially compatible with MODBUS-RTU protocol), magnetic isolation protection

5. Working conditions: ambient temperature is 0~60 ℃, withstand voltage is ≤ 0.6MPa

6. Output load: load < 500 Ω (4 ~ 20mA)

7. Working voltage: DC 12V ± 10% or DC 24V ± 10%

8. Product size: length 210mm, maximum outer diameter 50mm.

9. Installation method: submerged

10. Mounting thread: G3/4 pipe thread

11. Product weight: 1.5Kg

12. Protection grade: IP68